Standalone Internet Streaming Script for Sale [$5000] Pure PHP engine for MP3 internet audio mp3 broadcasting

What the buyer get is:

• A clone of the entire site except for the music bank, which for sure could be substituted with something more tasteful maybe.
∼ The above statement includes:
    ♥ the php broadcast pseudo-streaming / broadcasting php script itself (php alone)
    ♦ the jquery streaming player connected to the streamer (jQuery, js)
    ♠ the design as it is right now (html, css, images)
    ♣ some less important pieces as the contact page and the single page content manager
    ... all these are showcased on here
• One full day of the owner's time dedicated to helping on : server setup, installation, explanations etc

The requirements for the DjIcy internet station:

• The actual DjIcy script and a decent mp3 music library
• Only CBR (Constant Bit Rate) mp3 tracks with a bit rate below the station's bitrate (could be specified upfront)
• A VPS server running php (min. 5.3)
• A good mood for listening to what will be streamed

NOT needed for the DjIcy internet bradcaster:

• There is NO need for any accounts at ShoutCast or IceCast or whatever other web casts
• There is NO need for any special server setup
• There is NO need for any mp3 transcoding software or bit rate transformers
• There is NO need for any hardware equipment to stream out the tracks
• There is NO need for any dabase (MySql, etc)

About DjIcy mp3 broadcast and streaming script:

DjIcy is a simple internet mp3 streaming php broadcasting script that is able to output from a folder, containing a bulk of mp3 files, a pseudo-stream compatible and similar to the widely known shoutcast and icecast server protocols.
• Because of it's stand-alone nature, it will work out of the box without any dependencies or external resources.
• The engine behind DjIcy has the ability of searching for images inside the actual album folders and pick the biggest image as the album cover.
• After the initial setup, that is creating a flat file for the media database, it will load on the fly the actual tracks that are to be played from the specified folder, which will be outputted as audio streams.
• Once it has started there is no action to be taken, the interet station is on auto-pilot playing the actual folder containing the mp3 files or other sub-folders with mp3 files.
• It has the ability to discard any files or folders from inisde the "music" root folder, that are useless; which simply means that any amount of mp3 files and in any structure could be used as the music base.
• When connecting to the "" via a streaming capable player the engine will output the meta info of the current playing track.
• Starting from version 1.1 the order of the tracks to be played could be a pre-random one as the default or a handmade created one as a new media list.

Please use the "Contact" button below for more info on how to use DjIcy or any sale related questions.